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Many restaurants offer the promotion for nights when business is slow, which is a boon to parents who would appreciate a night off from cooking ish things you can concoct. 14. A new language Looking to learn French? Need to brush up on your Urdu The booklet is in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and Urdu recipes to India, and this, again, can be useful. But what such books are most useful for is as a record of what people were eating then and what this says about our current habits and Before long, the two men were conversing in a blend of Urdu (the lingua franca of Pakistan breaks into a maddening Cheshire cat grin when you ask him about his special recipes — won’t reveal any of the ten spices that go into his “ten chicken Picture: Robert Perry This is Govanhill It’s all Urdu, Romani, Slovak, Polish, Czech, Somali, Igbo and more. Much of the shop front signage is in Arabic. Most striking of all, though, in fact completely dominant, is the presence of food and drink. Author Salman Rushdie and director Mira Nair are behind major offerings at this weekend’s South Asian Film Festival Urdu with English subtitles. The festival’s first feature, “Jadoo,” focuses on bickering brother chefs who rip up the family recipe Kaukub, 84 and a former professor of Urdu at the Aligarh Muslim University I found social media very amenable to my hunt for unsung food stories. That’s where I came across Manzie in 2011: She put up a recipe that I immediately knew came from .

the word is not used by South Asian households Many people who enjoy eating South Asian food know that the curry It contained 196 recipes and none of them had any thing in common with the Indian curry. The old English word Cury is used to describe In 2009, facing this challenge, UNESCO Islamabad, BUNYAD Foundation (an NGO) and Mobilink Pakistan local government, beauty tips, food recipes, jokes and riddles. Then additional 200 messages were created on topics such as disaster risk management “Cooking an ajwa would be like deep-frying a black truffle.” 1. Rinse and dry the dates. Make a clean cut along the side of each date to open, and remove the pit. 2. Stuff each date with two whole almonds and lightly pinch closed. (The recipe can be At the time, Randhawa was trying to move an Urdu like a recipe for a bad reality TV series, but so far her screening has paid off. St. Alban’s Church donated furniture, the Ministry of Social Development provided four beds and the local food bank .

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